Terraplane Rounders

Terraplane Rounders

Dallas Bluesman Todd Blalock leads the Terraplane Rounders, who revive the sounds of pre-war and depression-era blues, a period which is often considered the golden age of blues, inspired by the iconic blues musicians of all time, including Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, and Muddy Waters.

The Terraplane Rounders bring a raw, emotive sound with a focus on themes of love, loss, and hardship. These songs are personal and introspective, with lyrics that speak to the struggles and joys of everyday life. The Terraplane Rounders live sets hold true to the original acoustic instruments of the pre-war blues era such as guitar, harmonica, and piano.

The band can be heard every Thursday night at Revelers Hall located in the heart of Oak Cliff, TX in the Bishop Arts District.

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